Below are some helpful resources, including training videos for financial advisors who may be using the Management Interface to customize the Retiremap account or access employee data for one-on-ones.

The videos cover the Management Interface, the Participant Experience and the Starter Roadmap.  Scroll over “Playlist” to see the videos.



Q: How do I figure out the Employer Code when activating the mobile app?
A: The Employer Code can be found in the custom URL or account email.  For example, if a link to the employer’s account is:
or the email to log in is:
[email protected]

Then the Employer Code is:

Q: How does a financial advisor log into the Management Interface?
A:  Go to and ask your plan education contact for the email and password.

Q: When I go to the Participants tab in the Management Interface, under the name column the first name is there, but after that it says “null” or “Temporary.”  Why is that?
A: This is because in the online version, when the user signs up on the Results page or the Dashboard, they are only asked for their first name.  The last name is not given, so the value assigned is “null” or “Temporary.”

Q: How does a participant log in to their Dashboard or Goals process after they’ve signed up?
A: They should look for an email with the subject line “Thank you for visiting” and scroll down to the P.S. at the bottom of the email that has their email address and password.  They can log in here:

Q: How does a participant retrieve their password if they’ve forgotten it?
A: Have them email it to themselves, by going to:

Q: How does a participant get from the Dashboard back to the interactive Goals Process and Results page?
A: On the Dashboard, in the left navigation column, under “Profile” they should  click on “Update Profile.”  From the “Update Profile” page, they should click on the “Update your profile” button (see image on right).

Q: As the plan advisor, what link to I use to log in and directly access the plan participant’s goal module inputs and Results bar chart?
A: Log in, using the participant’s email and password, to this link:

Q: Why do strange things happen when I’m logged in to the Management Interface and then try to access a participant’s account from the same browser?
A: You can only be logged in to one account at a time in your browser.  One solution is to open two different browsers (eg. Firefox and Explorer).  One browser can be logged into the Management Interface and the other browser can be logged in to the participant’s Dashboard so that you can look at their account and financial situation.


Retiremap Decision Tree
The image below represents the decision tree and different paths through the Retiremap app. To download a PDF of this decision tree, click here.


Trouble-shooting the iPad app
These videos were produced to better orient advisors on how to use the branded Retiremap iPad app and how to trouble shoot any issues that may come up, such as an iPad freezing or an employee getting themselves to the Employer Code page.


Short Term Goal Key
Download the participant Profile Summary PDF by going to the Management Interface > Participants tab and selecting “Download Profile” from a participant account.  On the upper right part of the page you will see a list of “Financial Goals and Assumptions.”  So that you’re clear on which goals the participant has selected, we created the following key:

  • payEducation = Save for College
  • buyHome = Buy a Home
  • payWedding = Pay for a Wedding
  • protectFamily = Accident Insurance
  • createEmergencyFund = Emergency Fund
  • takeDreamVacation = Dream Vacation
  • maxOutRetirement = Max Out Your Retirement Account
  • createWill = Create a Will
  • investRetirement = Invest Better
  • buyCar = Buy a Car
  • rollover401k = IRA Rollover
  • haveKids = Have a Child
  • reduceMonthlySpending = Reduce Spending
  • minimizeTaxLiability = Minimize Tax Liability
  • ltcInsurance = Long Term Care
  • eliminateCCDebt = Eliminate Debt
  • helpParentsRetire = Help Parents Plan for Retirement
  • startBusiness = Start a Business
  • eliminateStudentLoan = Pay Back Student Loan
  • remodelHome = Remodel Your Home