Gaining Access to Retiremap 2.0

Please read the following before spending 5-10 minutes completing the application below:

  • This application is for firms that requested an extension
  • Retiremap 2.0 is an exclusive program.  Less than 25 plan advisory firms in the entire country will be selected.
  • Working together, we will figure out the best start date for your plans.
  • Firms will be asked to provide a fully-refundable $100 deposit at the end of the application process. As a special bonus, Retiremap will match the firm deposit by providing two behavioral strategy workbooks worth $100.

Launch Presentation Video

This presentation was given on September 22nd by Matt Iverson of Retiremap and Kristen Berman of Duke University’s Common Cents Lab.
Please note that the pricing in the webinar is no longer current.

The presentation can be downloaded here (17.6 MB)