Gaining Access to Retiremap 2.0

The Retiremap 2.0 application process closed at 5pm PDT on September 30th.

If you strongly feel that your firm should be considered, send an appeal to [email protected] describing:

    • The number of retirement plans your firm serves, segmented by eligible employee count:

      • Small Plans: 1-499 eligible employees
      • Mid-Sized Plans: 500-5,000 eligible employees
      • Large Plans: 5,000+ eligible employees
  • How many of your current retirement plans have already implemented a financial wellness program
  • How many of your current retirement plans are currently deciding on implementing a financial wellness program

  • How financial wellness fits into your overall priorities and why Retiremap 2.0 is the right solution. Also, please let us know what you’ve done to date around financial wellness.  Please take your time answering this question and provide details.

Sending your appeal does not in any way compel Retiremap to review or reply to your email.  If your email is compelling, Retiremap may request an interview to learn more.