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Introducing the To Do Dashboard

We’ve just launched the latest enhancement to the Moneymap platform with our new employee To Do Dashboard. We developed the Dashboard with our partners at Duke’s Common Cents Lab in order to take the complexity out of financial decision-making and help people make real progress on their money. In fact, we created a whole page […]

"What’s the Goal of Your Financial Wellness Program?"

If the goal of your financial wellness program is to get employees to take action and achieve their financial goals, then it’s critical to have a financial coach that helps keep employees accountable and feeling confident about their finances. By incorporating real people into a financial wellness program, you’re able to achieve a much greater […]

Why financial wellness will face a reckoning with employers

There’s a very real danger that financial wellness programs will flame out with employers. That’s because they are designed to educate, not change employee behavior. Without metrics to show behavior change (e.g. open a new 401(k), HSA, emergency savings account + income flowing into those accounts), employers will sour on these programs. And it could […]

3 Key Concepts Missing from Financial Wellness Programs

You already know that there’s a ton of buzz around financial wellness. But what you might not know is that there are three key concepts that are completely missing from financial wellness programs. By not including these key behavioral economics concepts, advisors, providers and employers are losing out on their opportunity to have a big […]

How to Talk to Employees about Financial Goals

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by financial planning. According to a recent survey by T. Rowe Price, 18% of workers avoid dealing with their financial situation because it is out of control; among Millennials, the number bumps up to 25%. This alarming datapoint highlights the need for open and thoughtful discussions around employees’ personal finance challenges. Moneymap believes that focusing […]

Employees Want More Retirement Guidance

American workers are expecting more help from their employers in regards to retirement planning, according to a new study from American Century Investments. The survey, which included responses from over 2,000 defined contribution plan participants, found that retirement is top of mind for employees but they still need more help. 80% of participants believe that […]