For advisors implementing a plan, here are the three tasks you will need to complete:

  • Step 1
    Create a unique email for the plan.  So that you can log in to the Advisor Management Interface, you will need to have a unique email address for each plan sponsor.  In most cases, the Boulevard R Support Team will have already created an email account for you, so you can just ask them for that address.If you want to create your own (you may need to get your IT folks to help with creating this new account), we suggest that you follow the following formula:
    Plan ID: AcmeCo
    Your email address: [email protected]
    New unique email address for the plan: [email protected] you have settled on the account email address, email [email protected] with the plan sponsor name and email address.
  • Step 2
    Request a list of employees from the plan sponsor,  including:

    • Email
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Status: Enrolled/Not-enrolled (this matters because, if you want, we can send non-enrolled participants an email saying that they have to enroll first before getting their Starter Roadmap, which sends them to the record keeper site)If you would prefer that Boulevard R requests this information, let us know by sending an email for [email protected] and providing us with the appropriate contact at the plan sponsor.
  • Step 3
    Log in to your account ( with the account email address and password assigned by Boulevard R to customize the:
    • Assumptions for the calculation (under the Customize tab)
    • Roadmap content, which appears on the second page of the Starter Roadmap PDF that participants receive.  Typically, you can include
      • Information about the plan
      • Your services to the plan
      • The next time you will be visiting
      • How to log in to the recordkeeper site where participants can find information on investments, etc.
    • Automated emails, particularly the Registration and Starter Roadmap emails (under the Email tab)
    • 404(c) content (which can also be turned off if you prefer by sending an email to [email protected]), by logging in to the Advisor Management Interface (under the Customize tab) and updating information on the following pages:
      • Investment Guide
      • Your Investments
      • Required Info
      • Transaction
      • Learn More
      • More Information

The Boulevard R Support Team will do the following on your behalf:
  • Coordinate the launch date
  • Once the launch date is set, Boulevard R will produce the slide deck for the presentation session that is scheduled for a 30 minute block of time (10 minutes for the presentation and questions, 20 minutes for participants to get their Starter Roadmap)
  • Advisor decides whether they want to give the presentation or have someone from Boulevard R give the presentation remotely using GoToWebinar
  • If the advisor wants Boulevard R to present, Boulevard R tests GoToWebinar with the company’s IT person
  • While the presentation is happening at the scheduled time, Boulevard R sends out an email to all participants, from the plan admin (or whoever you think it should come from to achieve the maximum open rate) with the activation link for participants.  Of course, you can review and edit the email if you want.
  • If the advisor wants to deploy Retiremap using iPads, Boulevard R will help them with downloading the app.