No-Cost Moneymap Implementation

We’re hand-selecting partners to receive a full Moneymap coaching implementation for up to 1,000 of their employees – at no cost. This kind of implementation usually costs at least $50,000 for a company, but our funder has generously offered to cover the cost of aligned partners.

Moneymap is partnering with expert behavioral scientists to improve employees’ financial wellness. We’re offering motivated, committed employers a fully-funded implementation of Moneymap’s high-tech, high-touch coaching services, including a full research study to help you better understand which services lead to behavior change for your employees.

Because we’re considering each candidate carefully, we’re going to ask a series of questions to better get to know your organization – we expect the application to take 10-15 minutes. Please complete this form by Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 5pm PT to be considered for the implementation.

Complete the form below to apply for a no-cost Moneymap implementation.

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