Retiremap’s comprehensive financial wellness program helps employers boost retirement readiness, reduce
fiduciary liability and save employers money.
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Engage Employees

The Retiremap program uses today’s technology to get employees engaged in the company retirement plan.

Education is pro-actively delivered through webinars, onsite workshops, email account activation links, an employer branded iPad app and a growing library of practical financial education articles from the Financial Planning Association®.


Save Money

Poor retirement readiness and financial stress are costing companies like yours $10,000s, if not $100,000s per year in health care costs and payroll expenses. The Retiremap program is designed to fix that.

Additionally, Retiremap’s holistic planning process delivers more educational value in 10 minutes than the typical group presentation does in 60 minutes.

Measure Your Impact

To measure and document the impact of plan education efforts, employers get a workforce assessment detailing overall usage metrics and retirement readiness. This data helps employers measure the value that Retiremap provides and further refine employee communication.




Be Independent

Retiremap is different from provider’s tools because it is independent with no investment agenda.

By offering an employee financial wellness program that is pure education, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the provider is pushing a particular investment agenda. Retiremap works with any provider, so that your plan education remains consistent even if your provider changes.


Reduce Fiduciary Liability

Retiremap reduces fiduciary liability by proactively delivering a retirement readiness assessment to every employee and then emails them a Starter Roadmap. The Starter Roadmap is an eight page personalized, holistic financial assessment.

Retiremap also provides employees with automated, verifiable 404(c) disclosures.